Instructor Mairi

Pole dance is an increasingly more popular dance style across the world. It is a style that requires strength, endurance, and grace from the dancer. Seemingly simple tricks may take years to perform easily. In pole dance classes, we focus on learning tricks and combinations on the pole.

The beginners’ class is for everyone who has never done pole dance before or has been doing it for under a year. In this class, we learn easier combinations and tricks on both the spinning pole as well as the static pole. We also learn tips on how to make the pole work for us and how to trust it.

The intermediate class is for everyone who is already comfortable with hanging upside down and for whom the beginners’ class would be too boring. The classes focus on more complex combinations and tricks that require more strength and endurance.

The advanced class is focused on elements that require a lot of strength, flexibility, and courage from the students. This is where we learn more complicated variations of the combinations and tricks that we already learned in the intermediate classes.

NB! Shorts and a training top are required for the classes. The classes are done barefoot. Do not put any body lotion on at least 12 hours before the class – otherwise, your skin will be too slippery, and you will not be able to stay on the pole.

Pole Choreo – this is a choreography class, where we dance around the pole and on it. It helps to have some previous experience in pole dance and knowledge of easier movements. In this class, we learn choreographies that match the music and are, in their essence, feminine and sensual or very hip-hop. Kneepads are very useful to have in this class. You can also bring along knee high socks and long leggings. The dancing itself is done without any shoes. The required clothing is dependent on the choreography – more information will be provided by the instructor.

Instructor MairiExotic pole dance is a sexual and seductive style of pole dance, which has its roots in striptease. It is a flowing and very feminine dance style with smooth movements, and it uses high platform heels. This style does not use a lot of tricks on the pole. Instead, the tricks are performed on the floor with the help of the pole, although this can vary between styles and dancers.

In the beginners’ class, we focus on the basic movements, practise balance and flow, and learn to get in touch with our sexuality. Complete beginners with no previous pole dance background are also welcome in this class. We also learn easier choreographies and floorwork in this class. The main focus is on repetition to help the muscles retain the movements and this is all done at nice calm pace. We get to feel completely free in this class! If you want to, put on some fishnet tights and a sexy top to feel even more beautiful! Although exotic pole dance is done on special high platform heels, then you can still attend classes even if you do not have them.

In the intermediate class, we learn various choreographies in both the exotic flow as well as hard exotic style. We learn slightly more complicated movements and longer choreographies. Do not forget to bring kneepads and heels to class!

NB! Pole dance shoes and kneepads are necessary for exotic pole dance classes. However, if you do not have the heels, you can also dance in socks.

Instructor LiinaSensual dance – Sensual dance with the pole and without is a class meant for women who wish to become more confident in their femininity and to gain the courage to express their sensuality. In this class, we learn choreographies that are suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced dancers, and we also work on developing flexibility and doing stretching which is very important for dancers. The main focus in this class is on how you feel and on feeling good in your body. The class is a safe environment where you can discover your seductive and sensual feminine side.

Clothing suitable for this class: a sports bra and/or top, shorts or leggings, kneepads. If you wish, you can also wear pole dance shoes in this class.

Stretching classStretching classes are very important and useful for all dancers. Proper stretching can help avoid muscle injuries and tension and it helps the body to recuperate from the training faster.

Stretching also helps to detoxify your body by driving out toxic metabolic end products while increasing your physical prowess. Isn’t that great!

Additionally, it also helps relieve emotional tension.

A flexible body is a prerequisite for being able to perform many beautiful and complex tricks on the pole.

For this class, we recommend you wear something comfortable that will not obstruct any movements. The studio has yoga mats, but if you wish, you can bring your own as well.