Instructor Mairi


Mairi has been dancing since she was a teenager. Since then, she has studied hip-hop, has done years of belly dance and has also been part of a belly dance show group, which allowed her to gain a lot of experience with performing on stage. In 2016, pole dance won her heart completely. That was the year when Mairi began doing pole acrobatics classes and later, exotic pole dance, which she has been loyal to this day.

Mairi has continued to learn and expand her knowledge by studying with various experts in the field, such as Anastassia Skukhtorova, Kaya Blum, Eva Bembo, Alyona Amber, Sasha Meow, Sarah Scott, and many others.

In 2020, she fulfilled her long-time dance dream of opening her very own pole dance studio – Pole Mermaids.


  • Old School category at Moscow’s Exotic Generation New Face 2019 festival


Eliise has been doing pole dance for over 6 years. In that time, she has participated in more than 40 workshops, many of which were conducted by well-known teachers, such as Oona K, Dan Rosen, Marion Crampe, Anastasia Shukhtorova, Polina Syniachenko, and Pink Puma.

She started doing pole dance at 21 with no previous background in sports or flexibility. In addition to pole dance, Eliise also does aerial silks, aerial hoop, and acrobatics actively.

Eliise started working as an instructor in 2016. In addition to regular classes, she also likes to continue to learn by attending workshops. However, for the most part, Eliise trains independently and her current wonderful level of flexibility is a result of practising continuously throughout the years.

In her classes, Eliise wishes to help each student achieve their personal goals to guarantee that everyone always leaves the studio in a good mood.

Her style is characterised by strength and flexibility combined. Splits have a dominant place in her movements, and she prefers to work with spinning poles over static poles. When she does make use of the static pole, then she prefers to perform more strength-based elements and drops.

She believes that anyone is capable of becoming skilled at and flexible in pole – you just have to believe in yourself!


  • X-Pole Level 1 & 2 Instructor Training
  • IPSF Code of Points workshop
  • IPSF Level 1 Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics workshop
  • Is currently studying for the Level III Occupational Qualification Certificate in Hobby Gymnastics


  • Pole Art Estonia 2016 finalist
  • Miss Pole dance UK 2018 Semi-Pro finalist
  • Poleemotion 2019 finalist
  • Third place at Empire State of Art Poland
Instructor Eliise
Instructor Liina


Liina, also known by her stage name Miss Redina, has been dancing for over half her life. Having tried various dance styles, she finally discovered the ones closest to her heart, which are feminine and seductive sensual dance styles, such as strip dance, burlesque, and exotic pole dance.

By drawing inspiration from all of these, she was created her own unique style, which she named sensual dance.

When dancing, the most important thing for Liina is to feel good in her body and to only do what makes her feel good and brings her joy.

The courage to express one’s feminine sensuality and sexuality is what Liina wishes to pass on to her students as well.


Elina is a very talented exotic pole dance performer who hails from Riga. Her pole dance journey started in Denmark in 2016, but in 2018, when she moved to Estonia, exotic pole dance became a huge part of her life.

Elina has an extensive dance background since childhood. She has also done over 10 years of ballroom dance.

She has worked as an instructor for about a year and in that time, she has proven herself to be a very professional and responsible teacher. Elina values her students’ welfare in class – the most important things for her are a proper warmup and making sure that her students are informed of the complexity of various movements so that they could take that into account during training. She also considers working it important to work with details, ensure diversity between classes in the form of both new choreographies and elements, and individuality – each student should be approached according to their level.

Elina has already also given workshops outside of Tallinn and has performed in Russia, Germany, and Belarus.

NB! Elina’s classes are conducted in English and Russian!

Instructor Elina