Mairi has been dancing since she was a teenager. Since then, she has studied hip-hop, has done years of belly dance and has also been part of a belly dance show group, which allowed her to gain a lot of experience with performing on stage. In 2016, pole dance won her heart completely. That was the year when Mairi began doing pole acrobatics classes and later, exotic pole dance, which she has been loyal to this day.

Mairi has continued to learn and expand her knowledge by studying with various experts in the field, such as Anastassia Skukhtorova, Kaya Blum, Eva Bembo, Alyona Amber, Sasha Meow, Sarah Scott, and many others.

In 2020, she fulfilled her long-time dance dream of opening her very own pole dance studio – Pole Mermaids.


  • Old School category at Moscow’s Exotic Generation New Face 2019 festival


Kadri found her way to pole dancing 7 years ago. At that moment her heart has been taken by pole. Kadri has been working as a coach for three years. Since she is a special education teacher, teaching has been her passion for a long time. 

Kadri teaches pole dancing for all levels. With her help, everything is possible! Kadri’s open and lively personality shines far and she won’t let you leave her class with a bad mood. 

Treener Gertu


Gertu started her pole dance journey 4 years ago. Pole dance is important for Gertu as it provides her with confidence and power. She has further expanded her skillset by participating in pole dance camps abroad and by studying under experts such as Eva Bembo and Kaya Blum. Gertu has also had the opportunity of participating in the Pole Emotion competition in Latvia. Her goal is to continue competing in the future as well to continue testing herself.

Gertu teaches pole dance beginners where she teaches easier poses, sits, climbing and pirouettes. Recording her journey is very important to Gertu, which is also why she encourages her students to record their achievements at the end of every class.